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Virtual Tour Server Side - Corradi
What is a Server Side Virtual Tour?
Immersive Virtual Tour, Advanced Virtual Tour, Virtual Tour Server Side, Immersive Video      

High Standards Virtual Tours showcase locations such as Exposition Stands, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, or Production Plants, featuring embedded content that guides visitors to learn about the business through Videos, Audio, and Images. The design of the menus and hotspots aligns with the company's main website or the project's "editorial cut." They offer an optimal way to replicate a temporary shop, stand, or installation, or to create a truly immersive experience using (360° and planar) videos and captivating images, with quality ranging from Google's 32 Megapixels to the industry standard of 1000 Megapixels. These can be shot and published within a few hours!!
Some examples

Virtual Tour Server Side per Kohler

Virtual Tour Server Side per Dainese: Valentino Rossi 360 Experience

Virtual Tour Server Side per Dainese: Comparativa Motociclismo 360

Virtual Tour Server Side per Condé Nast Live

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