Years ago Iron Maiden stated in one of their classics: "Run the hills, run for your lives". That song was about American Indians and their demise. One year ago Linterno released a self titled ep (available on iTunes, Google play and BandCamp) containing a song named "Outatime".
The title is more than a simple reference to the license plate of "Back to the Future"'s DeLorean. It's a call to awareness: the life we're living in this so-called freedom is possible because someone before us fought for it. They fought for their brothers and sisters, their parents and their kids... All that they had endangered by a government built on hate and discrimination.
That's the key to understand the video I'm verbosely introducing today (sorry about that, but I feel it a lot, being also the author of the lyrics).
A video that shows the five members of the band (i'm in the band as well) running across landmarks of the city of Bologna (gold medal for resistance during WWII) where one day a kid, a father or a sister fought and probably fell for freedom.
Today, that subtle hate is starting to persuade the minds of young and weak people, who ignore or simply don't have the strength and preparation to question the simplest answers given by hate spreaders.
The playback scene was shot with the help of a fellow cameraman, on the cliff of the Sabbiuno mountain.
In this spot, in 1944 a hundred partisans were brought by fascists and set in line on top of one of these cliffs awaiting to be shot dead. Once hit, the bodies would fell down on the side of the mountain and eventually lie on the underneath lowland.
We plaid that song loud, and respectfull in a cold January sunday.
The time lapse at the beginning of the video was shot by me in july and shows the city awaking.
On December 1st, Dying Scene, an independent alternative music web-zine, premiered the video worldwide and in few hours it reached 600 views.

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