Linterno is a Skate Punk band based in Bologna. Once (or twice) a year they Tour across Europe, playing in venues, squats, festival and your daddy's living room.
I've been playing in this band since my early 20s and I keep doing it with energy and joy, stopping my photographic production and concentrating only on music.
In may 6th our Nth tour started and I decided to bring with me the photographer myself.
What came out is a short video (whose Soundtrack is an edit I did of one of our songs: The Road), a branch of my WIP Project "Polaroid" (I guess I'll change the name on release) and some colofull pictures of the countries we drove in.
I always loved to call these events LinTours and decided to name the video edit as such.
In those 10 days I recorded several minute of footage and this is my wrap up for the Tour
Shot with what you can bring around while hangin' with a punk band: my phone, a GoPro and a small camera
Last Check before loading the van
First picture with the van Packed
The following 6 pictures are a branch of my latest work in progress whose working title is "Polaroid". This involves a place (got it), maybe a subject (got five or six), a Camera (got a small Fujifilm X10) and a Polaroid POGO (with paper... Got it!). 
All of the places included in these pictures now include the picture itself.
More infos later
Some of my glimpses around the countries and some portraits of my bandmates

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