Virtual Tours Google Maps Street View | Trusted
The best online showcase proposed by the world leader in search engines: Google!​​​​​​​
Virtual Tour Street View | Trusted
Street View | Trusted (formerly Google Maps Business View and Google Business Photos) is the best online showcase that your shop can have, proposed by the world leader in search engines: Google!
Don't you have clear ideas? Take a tour of the Virtual Tour I made for the OVS Showroom at EXPO 2015
This is a map of the activities that understood how important a Street View virtual tour is.

Each entrepreneur dedicates care and attentions to his business because he knows that it is what wins customers; But how can you show yourself to them? 
Wait for them to come in or show them what they will find directly in their searches for similar activities?
In Italy two out of three people rely on the internet to choose where to go and where to shop. For this reason, Google has launched a program that will allow anyone to be able to enter shops, hotels and all businesses directly from their computer, tablet or smartphone and visit it just as if they were already there: Virtual Tour Street View | Trusted.
How does a Virtual Tour Street View improve local business affairs?
Simple! Increases the visibility of your business.
 A bewildered tourist looking for a restaurant or a nice hotel; a wine lover looking for a well-stocked wine shop; a boy looking for the dealer for his first car. All these people use Google or Google Maps to search for the activity closest to them and when there is the possibility of "entering" in an activity, you are automatically more visible. Try to search for "All you can Eat Bologna Restaurant" and see which one attracts your attention the most ...
Street View | Trusted is a service started in Italy in the summer of 2012 (like Google Business | Photos) and started in Bologna in early July 2012, with my selection and certification by the staff. Take a look at some of the virtual tours created by me.

Virtual Tour Google Street View per ​​​​​​​ Colkim

Virtual Tour Google Street View per Flordenny Vivai

Virtual Tour Google Street View per  Lepida 

Virtual Tour Google Street View per Lamborghini Bologna

Virtual Tour Google Street View per Valentino NY

Virtual Tour Google Street View per Hotel Touring Bologna

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