Valentino is one of those names that needs no presentation. Everybody knows his style and the mark he's leaving in the Fashion industry. 
So, let's move it to a graphical stage: imagine his high quality super stylish and cutting edge creations;
set yourself into piazza di Spagna in the magical and dreamy Rome; set it into an historical building with a candid facade and completely redesigned interiors.
If you close your eyes you can also feel Valentino's latest fragrance as it's being sprayed on a beautiful girl.
I know, the picture is taking shape in your mind... but I can be more helpful.
Last June I've spent a morning taking pictures inside this beautiful place and later I published a Virtual Tour through Google Street View Trusted Program and relased some Interiors Photographies to allow everyone to enjoy this wonderful experience.
Here's my invitation to enter
And here's an excerpt of my Interior Photography
From the Portfolio of Lorenzo Piano

#Sustainability Info:
This assignment has been accomplished in total public mobility, using Trains and Metro.

I've been the first Google Trusted Photographer in Central North Italy since July 2012
Most of my Virtual Tours are collected in my website dedicated area: Google Trusted Photographer Bologna
My portfolio is available at Lorenzo Piano Professional Photographer Bologna

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